3 Bizarre Street Food Combinations that went viral

3 Bizarre Street Food Combinations that went viral

Indian street food vendors are in a frenzy. Ever since the pandemic happened, there has been a massive curb on their business. Roadside tea and Maggi stalls that were raking in huge profits are now suffering. While it’s sad that the livelihoods of people have been wiped out, success stories like ‘Baba ka Dhaba‘ have given them new hope.

weird indian food baba ka dhaba

And while we love Indian street food recipes, food from roadside stalls has always been unhealthy since vendors refry things repeatedly in the same oil. They also use dangerous amounts of oil and butter, often relying on cheaper alternatives like the use of ‘Dalda’ and adulterated milk. Also, the hygiene practices are infamous in roadside Indian street stalls for greased dishes that are rinsed in the same bucket of water. Also, vendors use dirty hands to touch food that is a cause for numerous disease outbreaks. The movie ‘Delhi Belly‘ has touched this subject.

Lately, Indian street food vendors have been experimenting a little too much to the point that a lot of bizarre and honestly disgusting food combinations are going viral. From using whole sticks of butter to mountain loads of cheese, street food in India is taking a dangerous turn. These weird food combinations will convince you why.

1. Maggi Milkshake:

We can’t bring ourselves to look at the gross image of masala Maggi swimming in a jug of milkshake. And honestly, we don’t even want to know what flavor of milkshake it is. The image no doubt, from an Indian street stall went viral and netizens expressed their disgust with full force. See for yourself, if you are brave enough:

2. Mango Ice Cream Chaat with Cheese:

Another weird and viral street food that emerged from the food streets of India is this video of mango ice cream chaat topped with cheese. Taken from a Gujarati street food stall, it was supposedly intended to be a unique take on the Gujarati street food ‘Dabeli’. In the video, we see mango dolly ice cream in chaat being topped with grated cheese. Just the thought of it is making our stomachs churn, and not in a good way.

3. Fanta Omlette:

Indian street food vendors are no doubt talented, but antics like this convince us why they have limited knowledge on food. Some foods are best not combined unless they are trying to put us off street food completely. Check out these weird and bizarre eggs cooked in orange fizzy soda, specifically ‘Fanta’. Coming once again from Surat in Gujarat, a food blogger shared the video which went viral and shocked people online:

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