10 Weird Things That Women Do- Agree or Disagree?

Things That Women Do

Many people say that Women are complicated. No one can guess what they think or what Women want. Sometimes their No is yes and other times their Yes is No. But what’s true is that Women aren’t complicated, they are pretty easy to understand if one puts in the effort. They find happiness in small things. They might seem unpredictable at times. Many women do the opposite of what they say. But let’s not generalize. So here are 10 weird things that Women Do.

1. Delayed Period Panic

period panic

Delayed periods might sound common. But sometimes it gets so scary. Most of them get thoughts of pregnancy even though they never had sex. That’s weird but that’s strangely true. Many Women get weird thoughts due to delayed periods. On a serious note, if you often have delayed periods, consult a gynecologist to be sure.

2. Fondling their Breasts


This is weirdly comforting. Women often play with their own boobs or hold them because feels good. During periods, breasts are really sore and it hurts at times. But other times doing this even gives pleasure and is quite fun. Girls Don’t Be Shy! Love your Breasts wholeheartedly.

3. Guilty Spending


On one hand, they spend their day doing window shopping and other times they spend on so many unnecessary goodies. They buy so many unnecessary dresses which they never wear. But still, they don’t stop shopping. Anything on offer is too tempting to resist. Are you guilty of this?

4. Not So Hairy

not so hairy

This might sound funny but that’s a feasible solution in reality. We are living in a society where we say Women should have nonhairy bodies. So many of them often shave or wax exactly where it is shown while going out. This is a quick fix for sudden plans.

5. Mastering the Removal Technique

One of the most amazing feeling is to get rid of that tight suffocating bra. Freeing those tender breasts is something which every woman waits for in her day. Sometimes we get so lazy that we try to get rid of a bra without removing the shirt. Admit that ladies!

6. Scratch The Itch


To all those who are aware, a trip down the lane isn’t like fresh flowers or anything too pleasant. It’s messy, hairy, and it’s real. So often they try to itch and may even have a little sniff just to make sure everything is good down there.

7. Mirror Heroine

mirror heroine

Maybe almost the best auditions for movies have taken place in front of that mirror. When no one is at home, Usually women put on makeup and act in various roles. They let go of everything and just have fun at the moment. It might be embarrassing to admit, but mirrors have their story to tell.

8. Dream Wedding

Things That Women Do dream wedding

Women fantasize about a dream wedding rather than a Mr. Right. They have plans of how their engagement should go. They even come up with details of all the marriage functions. Yea, they think a lot about it but that doesn’t mean they don’t live in reality.

9. Youtube Diva


Women try out so many techniques from YouTube, from hair styling to makeup. Most of the efforts go in vain but it’s still fun. Some of the results of these DIYs or hairstyles are messed up. But these are things which they do when they are home alone. Again I repeat Not all Women!

10. That Favorite Bra


Many women have a bra that is their favorite. They don’t mind wearing it any number of times. Sometimes they wear the dress according to the bra that came from the laundry. Other times they don’t mind wearing unwashed ones if that’s their favorite.

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