10 Things You Must Avoid On Clubhouse- Yes or No?

10 Things You Must Avoid On Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the latest app that was released in 2020. For all of you who aren’t aware of this app, it’s basically a social voice app. It was initially only available on IOS, but now it’s available on Android too. In the past few months, there have been controversies on this app. There were fights and some toxic discussions. Almost 500,000 rooms are created every day on Clubhouse. They have claimed that the recording of the conversation is only retained if someone files a complaint. If no one files a complaint during the chat, the recording is discarded as soon as the host ends the room. Here are 10 things you must avoid at Clubhouse.

1. Do not share your contact details on public groups

creepy stalker

This is the basic rule of any social media and clubhouse is not an exception. Privacy these days is at stake due to many privacy breaches that are taking place. So to be on the safer side, never share your contact details on any public groups.

2. Do not bully anyone

bullying on clubhouse

Most of you have experienced high school bullies. As people say, high school behavior never really ends for a few. Never bully anyone on social media. You might even face severe consequences if you do. You might feel like you’re hiding behind the screen but that ain’t going to last.

3. Trolling someone on the Speaker Panel

insulting on clubhouse

On Clubhouse, all of us have to respect the moderators and those who are on the speaker panel. You joined the room willingly. So when you are in there, you need to have some courtesy. Never troll anyone on the speaker panel. Doing this is not right and you might have to deal with the consequences later.

4. Sliding into Backchannel with Creepy texts

clubhouse backchannel

There is no social media that is immune to these things. As clubhouse started with only audio chatting, we thought we could avoid creepy texts. But after the update, there is a feature for a backchannel. So never send creepy texts on Clubhouse.

5. Discussing Faith and Religion

clubhouse religion

Discussing sensitive topics in open rooms must be avoided. There might be those who disagree with your views. Everyone has their own take on religion. So it’s better to not hurt anyone and avoid such discussions on clubhouse.

6. Give chance for others to speak

chance to speak

As we all are aware that clubhouse is an audio-chatting social media app, all the conversations can peacefully happen if others are given a chance to speak. In any room, if you are called to the speaker’s panel, never interrupt while others are talking. Similarly, give others a chance to talk. If you are new to the room, listen to the moderators and if you are the moderator, give equal chance for everyone to speak.

7. Commenting on Others’ DP

commenting on dp in clubhouse

If it’s a friendly roasting room, then it’s a different story. But if you are commenting on others’ DP and passing insensitive comments which may hurt their feelings, never do it. Such behavior shows that you don’t have any compassion and it’s very demeaning as a whole.

8. Entertaining Fake Investors in Startup Groups

fake investor

Not all startup groups are genuine in clubhouse. Some are fake and they are waiting to lure startup founders with investments. Never fall prey to these groups. Be aware of what you are talking about and doing. Never get carried away.

9. Never discuss your unique ideas for securing funds

startup ideas unique

Don’t get carried away in discussions. Sometimes by doing that you say things that are meant to no one but yourself. Keep your unique investing ideas or ways to secure funds to yourself. Don’t let the secret out!

10. Copying Others’ DP when a Fight Occurs in a Group

fight in clubhouse

This is one of the idiotic things which people do. Whenever a fight occurs, people switch their DP to the ones similar on others DP. Doing this is not fine and you must avoid doing such things.

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