List Of 10 Don’ts On Your Dates To Make Them More Special

List Of 10 Don'ts On Your Dates To Make Them More Special

First dates can be pretty tempting and confusing. While some may be confident of acing their first dates, some of us might be confused about what to do and what not to. Additionally, first dates are something we always remember, look back at, and that will remain special. Besides, there are many things not to do an a date.

While we all dream of making the best of our first dates, sometimes we can also make mistakes and wish to forget the same. However, do not worry. We have you all covered and share all the ten things we should avoid doing on the first dates to make it memorable.

10 Things To Avoid Doing On A Date

1. Do Not Be On Your Phone

1. Do Not Be On Your Phone

Mobiles have become an essential element in our lives. However, using too much of a phone on your date is a big no. Instead, talk to the person you are on a date with and get to know them. Additionally, only take photos with them if they are comfortable with it. Or there is a decent chance you can disappoint them.

2. Don’t Go On And On About Yourself


When conversing with your date, include them as well. Try not to only talk about yourself in the entire conversation. Ask about your date as well, and make them feel that they are heard.

3. Do Not Bring Your Exes In Between


Talking about your exes is a massive no on dates. They are things of the past and have nothing to do with your present. Hence, keep your mood and your date’s mood jolly and enjoy being together.

4. Drink Carefully


Getting drunk on first dates can be embarrassing. Do not drink too much, where you end up having no control over yourself. But, you can always have a light whisky or wine and enjoy your time.

5. Don’t Invest Too Much Emotionally

Don't Invest Too Much Emotionally

The thing with dates is you never know if the person is interested in you, or is it some random and a casual meet. Hence, don’t raise your bar of expectations too high, and do not over invest emotionally.

6. Avoid Arguments On Any Topics


Do not turn your date into a fighting space. If you wish to make a point against theirs, decently express them. Do not get into minor fights or arguments that can ruin the day for both of you.

7. Try To Remain Positive

Try To Remain Positive

While positivity attracts people towards you, negativity can take them far away. Therefore, try to remain positive on your date and stay away from any kind of negativity.

8. Do Not Be Late


Being punctual is one of the essential qualities of a human. Reach your meeting place on time, and do not make them wait. 

9. Talk Respectfully With The Waiters

spectfully With The Waiters

Talking well with people is a good sign of an individual. Hence, talk well to them and do not get rude or start arguing with them.

10. Do Not Force Someone To Get Laid


Do not be too pushy about getting into sexual activities. Ask for permission from your partner, and only go ahead with it if they have permitted the same.

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