10 Things That Men Do But Won’t Admit

10 Things That Men Do But Won't Admit

Women are always known to be more sophisticated than Men. Everyone says that Women are complicated. Meanwhile, many say that It’s hard to find out what Women really want. Always the talk and gossip are linked to Women. Hey Men! We are here for you today. Also, this entire article will be focused on Men. Patriarchy is sown in the roots of all countries. What we have failed to see is that it has also caused problems for Men. Toxic Mascunality which tells them to “Man Up! and Not to cry” is something not easy to deal with. Let’s not get too serious. So here are 10 Things which Men do but won’t admit. But I say strongly “Not All Men”.

1. Skipping Showers

skipping shower

Normally people shower twice a day and it’s hygienic. But few men decide to shower by sniffing their armpits. Gross! But it’s true. Some turn their attention to the bathroom to take a bath due to the stinking armpits. While a few use a bottle of deodorant to get rid of the smell.

2. Never Ending Bedsheets

never ending bedsheet

The last time guys in Hostel or living on their own changed their bedsheets was maybe weeks ago. Sometimes it might be even months. This is one of the tendencies which men have maybe because they are lazy or they just don’t care enough.

3. Not Washing Hands

not washing hands

This might sound really weird but it’s true. Many times men fail to wash their hands after peeing. Maybe they are too lazy or they think it’s totally fine to keep their hands unclean. The excuses few give are hilarious. Some tell they are too busy to bother and few claim that they haven’t touched anything. Nevertheless, this habit needs to be changed at the earliest due to Covid.

4. No Washing Jeans

no washing jeans

People who manufacture jeans have no idea that there are people who wear the same pair of jeans without washing them. This usually happens if they are living on their own. Maybe this is the reason why bachelor rooms are a disaster.

5. Gossip

man gossip

Who says only Girls talk. Men love gossip as much as women do. They are curious to know about things going on in others’ lives too. But when women do it we call it gossiping and when Men do it we call it Talking.

6. Peeing Rightway

Things that Men Do peeing rightaway

This is one of the funniest things on the list. Most of the men have tried peeing from the distance. Just to see if they got the right spot. This is weird but many have accepted doing it during their younger days.

7. Dreaming about Wedding and Miss Right

dreaming about wedding

Don’t you dare deny it! People have the perception that thinking about a wedding is often what Women like to do. But Men do it too. They dream about their perfect wedding and their perfect wife and a perfect honeymoon and the list goes and on.

8. Crying in the Shower

men crying in shower

This is such a humanly thing to do. But we have a stigma that men don’t cry. They do cry in the shower and overthink things going on in their life. They also put themselves back in the bed as if nothing happened. You are human too and it’s okay to not be okay.

9. Hands On Crotch

Things that Men Do hands on crotch

I don’t know whether it’s true. But many men admit that they try to get their junk in the right position. Sometimes it gets itchy and if no one is around, they get their hands in and try to make it right and try to itch away. So if a guy is trying to get into his pants, it’s not because he got hard seeing you, it might be due to itchy balls.

10. Peeing Anywhere

peeing anywhere

Something which most men do. Who needs to find a public toilet when they literally stand and pee anywhere. Few men even say that they pee in the sink if the toilet seat is far. Thinking about it is disgusting but it’s still one’s choice. But peeing in public isn’t right and if you do that stop it soon.

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