10 Straight People Reveal the Gayest thing they’ve done

straight people

Straight people usually refrain from coming off as Gay. There’s still a lot of stigma among Heterosexual Cisgendered people about homosexuality, or more loosely, ‘being gay’. For instance, men run away from wearing anything in ‘pink’ to avoid being perceived as homosexual. But the truth is that gender identity is a spectrum and not a black and white thing. Our choices and actions cannot be strictly confined within a box. More often than not, straight people end up doing seemingly ‘gay’ things accidentally or without realizing it. Here are 12 straight people revealing the gayest thing they’ve done on Reddit and some of these stories are straight-up hilarious.

1. Slapped my friend’s a** and then kicked it after he stole my strepsils because his voice sounded horrible during a residential school trip. In the night, he slapped my ass again so I slapped it back. It ended up being a fight until like 12 in the night. All other 6 kids who were watching joined in the fight. That meant everyone was slapping each others ass. This is was in the boys room.

2. Well, I had a comfortably but not publicly out gay kid convince me that the best way to practice having sex with a girl (we were 13 at the time) was to practice humping each other. I had 0 idea that was an issue and we dry humped for an hour or so.

3. I had a sleepover at my friend’s house when I was 13, and we laid out some blankets and fell asleep in his living room. I woke up first to him spooning me, and I didn’t move at all because I wanted to avoid any awkward moment in our friendship by having us both know of that cuddle moment. So I laid there as still as I could for maybe 30 minutes until he woke up and quickly but carefully got off of me. I then got up 10 minutes later, and that moment now doesn’t exist in our friendship.

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4. Me and my friends one night got really drunk and started streaking around where we live (very small area). Got so mad lad, we started hand shaking each other’s d***s, “How do you do?” we would say. Love the lads with all my heart.

5. Accidentally kissed my friend at a Halloween party. We were all up in each other’s face for a mock aggressive stare down. So I made the kissy face to be funny. We were closer together than I thought. He said I was a good kisser.

6. Well according to some A-hole kids in my class, I was gay as f**k for taking dance when I was a kid – tap, jazz, contemporary, etc. Joke was on them though, since I spent all my time with girls in tights and leotards who were in incredible shape from dancing while they spent all their time with other guys in locker rooms that smelled like b***s.

7. A coworker made a pass at my gf at a social event – he said “it’s a free country” and tried to shake hands so I pretended I was cool and gave him a bro hug but didn’t let go. When he looked at me puzzled, I inched my face close to his and romantically closed my eyes like going in for a kiss. When he pushed me off, he was disgusted and said “wtf?” I told him “That’s exactly how she felt. Stay the f*ck away from us.”

8. My gay coworker and I always always greet one another in the morning with,”Good morning, honey!” or “Hey babe!”

9. Went to a pride event with my gay friend and his partner. It was an absolute blast and I ended up doing dr*gs with their group and all stripping down to our underwear and dancing. I really came to appreciate that the “gaydar” is a real thing. I was about as naked, high and sparkly as all the dudes there but almost everyone I talked to knew I was 100% straight.

10. Sang karaoke at a gay bar.

Source: Reddit