10 NFT works of art you need to see to believe

10 NFT works of art you need to see to believe

NFT (Non-fungible tokens) recently made a lot of noise in the crypto world. Art took on a digital form with NFT. If you aren’t clear on the concept of an NFT, let’s simplify it for you. It’s any digital asset (video clip, artwork, audio clip, or image). You can purchase them using cryptocurrency and they hold real asset value. India has its pioneering NFT marketplace in WazirX. A well-known cryptocurrency exchange, works of art by Creators drop regularly here. They are auctioned off to collectors who purchase them for WazirX (WRX) tokens equivalent to US dollars. Here are 10 latest NFT art drops that you need to see to believe for their artistic appeal.

1. Digital India – Modern Beggar:

This quirky piece of work is a satire on the modern-day Indian beggar. He accepts PayTM payments, reflecting a Digital India. The creator behind this clever piece is MJ Mukesh Jain. Check out this funny artwork:

Digital India - Modern Beggar
Digital India – Modern Beggar by Mj Mukesh Jain

2. Meter Chai:

This NFT art is a high def photograph of a ‘Kadak Meter Chai’ mixer from the streets of Kerala. The creator behind this digital asset is Shreeranj Shreedhar. He is a National Award Winning Street & Documentary Photographer based in Kerala.

meter chai nft

3. Darban of Hell:

This GIF NFT crypto art is a fascinating artwork of the ‘Gatekeeper of Hell’, a fantasy character. We see embers fly as a tiny figure approaches the gates to hell. And the towering figure of the ‘Darban‘ is seen. Its a terrifying being with many hands.

darban of hell

4. Black Heart:

A revolving human heart, this is a black heart in the literal sense. Its created by Anindo Uday Chatterjee, a 3D and graphic artist. The black heart is part of the creator’s ‘Hearts Series’, a concept that shows the vibes of differently colored hearts.

black heart NFT

5. The Last Call:

A colourful NFT digital art, the Last Call is a beautiful painting. Also, it portrays a telephone booth conversation. It supposedly depicts the telecommunication between alternate realities or parallel universes. Check out this NFT by creator Tushar Adhikari.

The Last Call

6. Radha Krishna in Tholu Bommalata Style:

This is a divine calendar art by Kiran Nayak L, an Indian Folk Digital Artist. This NFT is inspired by the ‘Tholu Bommalata Puppet Style’. This style is a rural folk puppetery tradition from Andhra Pradesh. Take a look at this divine artwork:

Radha Krishna in Tholu Bommalata Style

7. Dark Knight:

We see a captivating view of Gotham City against the backdrop of the full moon. Also, Dark Knight stands tall on one of the towers. Blooming Palette, a Graphic Designer is the creator behind this NFT. It is listed at 20 WRX equivalent to 20.28 USD. Check it out here:

dark knight NFT

8. EDIFICE (Edition 2):

This art shows the close-up intricacies of the inner workings of a smartphone. It brings out the complexities on the insides of a smartphone. Also, we see ‘miniature men’ going about building it.

EDIFICE (Edition 2) NFT

9. Kapda:

Next on the list of latest NFT artworks is ‘Kapda’. Its a GIF-ed up caricature of a young woman. She is doing her laundry on the banks of a stream. It suposedly depicts a ‘mulgi’ going about her job. She forces dirt out of clothes at a ‘Dhobi ghat‘.

Kapda NFT

10. Abstract Robot #1

Check out this stunning abstract artwork of a Robot by Aniket Sorathiya. He is Graphic Designer and 3D Artist. This NFT is listed at 25 WRX, equivalent to 25.97 USD

abstract robot NFT

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